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Welch Allyn Welch Allyn is a name well known in the medical field for their wide range of medical equipment.  Their innovative designs and manufactured medical tools meet the needs of today's health professionals from stethoscopes to digital blood pressure devices to complex diagnostic equipment.  The Welch Allyn name is everywhere you look when dealing with medical and healthcare services around the world.  Function and durability are built into every product they make.  They are the best because they always strive to be the best.  Always looking to improve existing equipment and delving into new technology has provided the excellence attributed to them as pioneers on the frontline of patient care.
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Welch Allyn

When visiting a doctor's office, staying at a hospital, or being transported by an ambulance, the priority is the patient receiving effective treatments and care.  Without the best and most reputable medical equipment on hand, patient treatment and care becomes less efficient, effective and trustworthy. Problems such as these are solved with products manufactured by Welch Allyn.

Welch Allyn diagnostic medical equipment has been manufactured since 1915, and it was the first medical equipment manufactured to use fiber optics in the 1960s.  It's no wonder Welch Allyn is able to offer specialized assistance to medical professionals and healthcare service providers so consistently.